Inaugural Lecture

IMG_1646Last week I gave my Inaugural lecture at Loughborough University (two years late). I think it went well and, despite the nerves, I quite enjoyed it.

I tried to cover the history of my career while highlighting key contributions but it is not easy to do that in under an hour. Of course I talked about Lifestyle Migration, what it is, how we might understand it, and why we should care. For the last part – why we should care – I must thank the members of the lifestyle migration hub, who responded so enthusiastically and informatively to my request for some examples from their own work. I heard some fascinating stories about environmental degradation, tax breaks and special visas for rich foreigners (while properties lay empty and rotting in other areas), but also some inspiring stories about charity work and renovation.

I hope we can continue to discuss all these issues in the future, and to contribute a critical social science voice to debates about migration and property.

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