Silver nuggets earrings

Silver nuggets earrings, £10 inc p&p

These little nuggets earrings are made from little chunks of solid silver. I’ve used recycled silver for these, which of course is much more sustainable than new silver. They are hammered with the same pattern as my zest rings. They measure approx. 7mm to 1cm in diameter.

Being handmade every one of these comes out a little different, and the size can vary a little too.

You can specify an approximate specific size if you wish or simply choose large or small.

Email me k.oreilly272(at)

Solid silver book pendant

Price £75 (Plus approx £25 for engraving)

Size: 17mm (high) by 15mm (wide) by 4.5mm (thick). Hand made to order. This dainty little book is completely hand carved, solid silver, and quite heavy at 4.5 mm thick. Perfect for an author, a new PhD, or a book lover.

Title: Amethyst set (one set only)

Price:  The Set: £40 (Earrings £22 Pendant £22) inc.p&p.

These are made from solid sterling silver and Amethyst cubic zirconias. The earrings measure 1.5cm square. The pendant measures 2cm in diameter and the stone setting is slightly less than 1cm. The chain is 18ins long. These earrings and pendant are unique and took hours to make. When they are gone, they are gone.

‘Seshat’ Bookmark earrings

‘Seshat’ Bookmark earrings  Price:  £12  inc.p&p.

These dangly earrings are made from 1mm think silver sheet. They are hand cut, hand shaped and textured before the ear pin is soldered on the back. Then the whole thing is carefully polished. I have rather grandly named them for Seshat, Egyptian goddess of the written word. Seshat was keeper of the libraries, and responsible for record keeping, accounting, census taking, and measurements. Her name translates to female scribe. Why not wear a pair of earrings named for a scribe?

These are 3 ¼ cm in length but if you’d like a different length let me know.


Odyssey pendant

Odyssey pendant

Price: £38  inc.p&p.

Odyssey pendant is made of copper and solid sterling silver. Its overall height is approx. 5cm from sun to boat. The Odyssey is a poem by Homer telling the story of the travels and adventures of legendary Greek hero Odysseus. The word conjures up travels, excitement, hardships, and achievements. The Odyssey is epic, and I hope you feel epic wearing it.

This is hung on a silver, oval, belcher chain. Usual lengths are 18in or 20in. I can cut to any length required.

Little Pebbles Bracelet

Little Pebbles Bracelet.Made from sterling silver and watermelon tourmaline chip beads.

Price: £20 (Children’s sizes £15)

The little pebble beads in this bracelet are around 5mm in length. They really do look like little pebbles from the beach. I added silver beads to add a bit of sparkle, but I’d be happy to make one for someone who wanted just the pebbles. The jasper is tumbled so it has a lovely sheen. This style is sometimes called matchstick beads.

Imagine walking along a pebbly shore. You pick a few pretty pebbles at random as you go. You wash them, polish them, drill holes in them, and string them – something to wear to always remind you of that lovely walk, that lovely shoreline.


‘Zest’ Ring


 ‘Zest’ simple textured chunky ring

Price: £26 for women’s sizes and children’s. £38 for men’s sizes

Do you have a zest for life? Hand made to order, ‘Zest’ ring is 4mm wide and 1.3mm thick. It has a textured pattern that is hammered by hand. The pattern reminds me of lemon zest – it also catches light beautifully. Also available in men’ssizes

‘Circe’ Pendant

A simple, solid, sterling silver ring, on a chain. Available textured or smooth

Price: £28 inc. post and packing in the UK (£38 for Circe double)

THIS NECKLACE IS CALLED CIRCE. A perfect circle hanging on a simple chain, it is named for Circe, the goddess, enchantress, and sorceress of Greek mythology, known for her knowledge of potions and charms. Named after the Greek word for circle, Circe is powerful and gentle, strong and kind.Being entirely handmade and solid the finished product will never be exactly the same size and finish as the photograph. The beauty of a handmade product is that it is unique

Circe smooth, is finished with a smooth gloss finish.  The diameter of the ring is approx: 2.5cm

Circe textured is hammered by hand with a small jeweller’s hammer to add texture and sparkle

Circe double diameters are approx. 2 ¼ cm and 1 ½ cms.

Chain is 1.4mm Belcher. Chain available in 16ins, 18ins, and 20ins.


Winter driftwood earrings

A pair of solid silver, bark textured, earrings

Price: £18 inc. p&p (to the UK)

These earrings are available in any length (made to order). These are 3cm long and 3.5cm. They are made from solid, sterling silver and textured with a bark effect. They are attached with a pin and scroll.

The overall effect invokes icy cold, frozen driftwood gathered from an abandoned beach on a cold morning.

Contact me for other lengths or designs

‘Friends’ Bangles

Slim textured silver bangles. Available in Zest, plain, and cross-textured

Price: £30 each Or all three for £85 inc. p&p

Description: These quite dainty but sturdy bangles are hand made in solid silver. I call them friends bangles because they look good together with others. But, of course, they also work perfectly on their own. They are patterned in the same designs as my friends rings.

‘Zest’ Bangle is a citrus peel texture, and ‘cross-textured’ bangle has lines textured in the opposite direction to the bangle. The third bangle is plain.

The standard size for these is 2mm thick and 6.6 cm inner Diameter (7cm outer diameter), but they can be made smaller or larger on request.