My Publications

This is an indicative list and may not be exhaustive or up to date


Benson, M and O’Reilly, K (2018) ‘ Lifestyle Migration and Colonial Traces in Malaysia and Panama’ Palgrave.

2012 International Migration and Social Theory, Houndmills: Palgrave

2012 Ethnographic Methods. 2nd ed. London: Routledge

2009 Key Concepts in Ethnography. London: Sage

2005 Ethnographic Methods. London: Routledge

2005 The NS-SEC: origins, development and use. London and New York: Office for National Statistics and Economic and Social Research Council. (with David Rose and David J. Pevalin)

2000 The British on the Costa del Sol. London: Routledge

Edited Collections

Johan Fredrik Rye and Karen O’Reilly (eds) (2020) International Labour Migration to Europe’s Rural Regions. Routledge

2009. Lifestyle Migration. Expectations, Aspirations and Experiences, Ashgate. (with M. Benson. Eds)

1997 Constructing Classes: Towards a New Social Classification for the UK, Swindon: ESRC/ONS (with David Rose, Eds)

Academic Articles

Benson, M. and O’Reilly, K. (2020) Reflexive Practice in Live Sociology: Lessons fromresearching Brexit in the lives of British Citizens living in the EU-27Qualitative Research

Stones, R. Botterill, K, Lee, M. and O’Reilly, K. One World Is Not Enough: The Structured Phenomenology of Lifestyle Migrants in East Asia, British Journal of Sociology, (DOI) – 10.1111/1468-4446.12357, Published ‘early view’ 26th Feb 2018.

2017. O’Reilly, K. The British on the Costa Del Sol Twenty Years On: A story of liquids and sediments. Nordic Journal of Migration Research, 7(3), 139–147. Open access

2017. Olsson, E., & O’Reilly, K. North-Europeans in Spain: Practices of Community in the Context of Migration, Mobility and Transnationalism. Nordic Journal of Migration Research, 7(3), 133–138. Open access

2015. From lifestyle migration to lifestyle in migration: Categories, concepts and ways of thinking, Migration Studies 2015; doi: 10.1093/migration/mnv015 (with M.Benson), 4(1): 20-37

2012 Ethnographic returning, qualitative longitudinal research and the reflexive analysis of social practice, Sociological Review (60): 518-36

2010. A Bourdieusian Analysis of Class and Migration: habitus and the individualising process. Sociology, 44(1): 49-66 (with C. Oliver)

2010. No Place Called Home: The Causes and Social Consequences of the UK Housing ‘Bubble’ British Journal of Sociology, 61(2): pp231-255 (with J. Bone)

2009. ‘For interdisciplinarity and a disciplined, professional sociology’,  Innovation. The European Journal of Social Science Research. 22(2): 219-23

2009. Migration and the search for a better way of life: a critical exploration of lifestyle migration, Sociological Review, 57(4): 608-625 (With M. Benson)

2007, ‘Intra-European Migration and the mobility-enclosure dialectic’, Sociology, 41(2):277-293

2004 ‘The construction of Heimat under conditions of individualised modernity: Swiss and British elderly migrants in Spain’, Ageing and Society. 24(3) 327-352 (with A. Huber)

2003 When is a tourist? The Articulation of Tourism and Migration in Spain’s Costa del Sol. Tourist Studies, 3(3): 301-317

2002 ‘Britain in Europe/The British in Spain. Exploring Britain’s changing relationship to the other’. Nations and Nationalism, Vol 8(2) 179-194

Chapters in Books 

O’Reilly, K. Lifestyle Migration. Focus Migration Policy Briefs.

O’Reilly, K. 2015. ‘Chapter 1. Migration Theories: a Critical Overview’, in A. Triandafyllidou (ed) Routledge Handbook of Immigration and Refugee Studies. London: Routledge (extended, 5000 word entry)

O’Reilly, K. 2014. ‘The role of the social imaginary in lifestyle migration: employing the ontology of practice theory’ Understanding Lifestyle Migration. Basingstoke: Palgrave

O’Reilly, K., Stones, R. and Botterill, K. (2104) ‘Lifestyle migration in East Asia: Integrating ethnographic methodology and practice theory’ in Sage Research Methods Cases, Sage Publications Ltd, DOI:

O’Reilly, K. 2015. Ethnography: Telling Practice Stories, in Robert A. Scott and Stephen M. Kosslyn (eds) Emerging Trends in the Social and Behavioral Sciences: An Interdisciplinary, Searchable, and Linkable Resource, DOI: 10.1002/9781118900772.etrds0120

O’Reilly, K.  and M. Benson. 2015. ‘Lifestyle Migration’, in Twigg, J. And Martin, W.(eds) Routledge Handbook of Cultural Gerontology, Routledge, pp.420-7

  1. ‘Children’s moving stories: how the children of British lifestyle migrants cope with super-diversity’ in Jackie Waldren and Ignacy-Marek Kaminski (eds) Learning from the children: culture and identity in a changing world, Oxford: Berghahn Books

2010 ‘Invoking a community of engagement: mobility and place in a small English town’ in C. Trundle and B. Bonisch-Brednich, (eds) Local Lives. Migration and the Politics of Place, Ashgate

2012. ‘Children’s moving stories: how the children of British lifestyle migrants cope with super-diversity’ in Jackie Waldren and Ignacy-Marek Kaminski (eds) Learning from the children: culture and identity in a changing world, Oxford: Berghahn Books

2009. ‘Lifestyle Migration: Escaping to the Good Life?’ in M. Benson and O’Reilly (eds) Lifestyle Migration. Expectations, Aspirations and Experiences, Farnham: Ashgate

2009. ‘Taking the risk: the British in Didim, Turkey’ in M. Benson and O’Reilly (eds) Lifestyle Migration. Expectations, Aspirations and Experiences, Farnham: Ashgate. (with O. Nudrali)

2009. ‘The children of the hunters: Self-realisation projects and class reproduction’ in  M. Benson and O’Reilly (eds) Lifestyle Migration. Expectations, Aspirations and Experiences, Farnham: Ashgate.

2009. ‘The unequal effects of the globalisation of migration in the context of new forms of mobility’, (in Spanish) in K. Schriewer and M. G. Jimenez (eds) . Ni turistas ni migrantes. Murcia: Ediciones Isabor

2009. ‘Intra-European migration and social cohesion: The extent and nature of integration of British migrants in Spain’ (In Spanish) In T. Mazón, R. Huete, and A. Mantecón. Turismo, urbanisación y estilos de vida, Barcelona: Icaria (Spain’s leading social science publisher)

2009. Hosts and Guests, Guests and Hosts: British residential tourism in the Costa del Sol, in Obrador Pons, P., Travlou, P. and Crang, M. eds. 2008 Cultures of Mass Tourism: Doing the Mediterranean in the age of banal mobilities. Farnham: Ashgate

2007 ‘Emerging Tourism Futures: Residential Tourism and Its Implications’ in C. Geoffroy and R. Sibley (eds), Going Abroad: Travel, Tourism, and Migration, Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

2001‘Blackpool in the sun: images of the British on the Costa del Sol’. In R. King and N. Woods, (eds) Media and Migration, London: Routledge

2000 ‘Trading Intimacy for Liberty: British women on the Costa del Sol’ in  Anthias, F. and Lazaridis, G.(eds)  Gender and Migration in Southern Europe, Oxford: Berg


2 thoughts on “My Publications

  1. Hi Karen

    Excuse this random email. I was reading your book on the British in Spain and was surprised to see mention of Peters Placr in Fuengirola. My grandad, who died a long time ago now used to play the organ regularly in the bar and as a child I visited him many many times. You mention thr owners and their daughter and I was wonder g if you had any contact details for them. I am tryi trying to find photos of my grandad, Hector Paine, as j have none of him at the bar. His wife, Molly, was Belgian and disappeared soon after his death so we had nothing from her either. My grandad retired out to fuengirola after serving in the British Police for many years. He used to ljvr in a. Lovely beach front villa before he was persuaded to sell it for hotels etc to develop on. He then moved to an apartment next to an open air cinema where, as a child, I can remember sitting in his rooftop siesta room where I could see next door and watch thr movies , in Spanish!

    I have so many fond memories and am jidt trying to back them up with photos I can pass on to my children to keep those memories alive.

    Thanks in advance for anything you might be able to tell me, though I am expecting this is a very long shot !!

    Kindest Regards


    • Hi Rob. It is lovely to hear from you. I remember that open air cinema, that is now also being developed for apartments. My kids watched Hot Shots Dos there, haha. I am afraid I have no idea what happened to the people from Peter’s Place, or anyone you mention, though I have managed to keep a few friendships from those days. I think it is lovely you want to keep these memories alive. Have you been back to the area recently?

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