Essex Summer School inspires me again!

I’ve been teaching Ethnography at the Essex Summer School the past two weeks. It has been amazing. The participants have worked incredibly hard and have produced some wonderful research projects. I’m trying to think what it is about the summer school that is so warm and creative and makes the participants so enthusiastic. I think it might partly be that we are all there together for an intensive period of time. Also, everyone has chosen to come and already has a passion for the subject they have chosen. All I can say is that it is the best possible teaching experience. Imagine students that do all the reading that you ask them to do and more besides, students who work well beyond the classroom hours and have to be reminded to take a break, students who have a lot to contribute, who think, challenge, contradict, and bring their own experiences and insights so that as a teacher you are not only teaching but also learning. I have come home with a list of references to follow up, things I am excited to read, lots of ideas buzzing around my head, and an enthusiasm for my own work. Thank you to the especially enthusiastic and inspiring participants this year. You know who you are. And thank you to Mel and Jo and Dan, who support us all so well.


Participants eagerly take part in an activity

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