Lecture in Tromso


IMG_1062In June I gave a lecture to PhD students at the University of Tromsoe, Northern Norway.


The PhD-program in Social Sciences arranges PhD-courses in qualitative methods. The focus in the course was on “variations in interview methods”, and they were interested in my notion of “Practice Stories” among other themes from my work. The course was interdisciplinary with students from sociology, education, anthropology and political science among other subjects, and they come from different Universities in Norway.  Among the students there are some who are studying migration from Russia to the Northern part of Norway. I held 3 hours of lecture (including discussion).


A few students came up to me afterwards to thank me for the lecture. It will be great if they use the ideas in their work.



2 thoughts on “Lecture in Tromso

  1. Karen,

    I just reviewed your Sage Methods case and was quite impressed. I’m revising a new edition of my book on Qualitative Research and Evaluation methods, 4h ed. (Sage publications). I’d like to feature Practice Stories in a sidebar. If you would kindly contact me, I’ll tell you what I’d like to do and seek your permission to include your work in the book.
    Michael Quinn Patton
    email: mqpatton@prodigy.net

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