Busy, busy, busy

Term will start again soon, so I am now preparing lectures, module guides, and reading lists, checking room bookings and equipment, and trying to get my timetable under control so that I can fit in all the other stuff I’ll be doing as well. We’ve got PhD student progress panels all coming up soon. Meanwhile, I am also writing my paper and sorting the travel for the Migration and Wellbeing conference in Tel Aviv, in January. I have to have registered for this by the end of the month. Then I must write an abstract for the BSA conference in April next year. The abstract for that must be done by October 5th. I wish all these things did not have to be done so early. I’ve also got twenty interviews to transcribe and analyse over the coming months, a paper to write for the Israel conference and a paper for a gerontology handbook! Can it all be done? No chance of getting bored.

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